Bluetooth Beacon

A Bluetooth beacon is a small, wireless device that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to advertise its presence and services. Beacons operate by repeatedly broadcasting or advertising a beacon identifier to compatible smartphones or tablets within its proximity. The smartphone or tablet can then use the beacon’s information to determine its location and services, and act accordingly. Easy to control with your cloud-based dashboard, these smart beacons draw in visitors and give them the opportunity to interact with your business.

Use Cases

Retail & Shopping Malls

Deliver an exceptional customer experience in the right moment Welcome visitors with personalized messages and invite them to dwell on-site. Use location-based marketing as a new marketing and revenue channel.

Cafés and Restaurants

Motivate customers for additional on-site consumption based on their past purchase and product statistics. Send push notifications with individualized benefits when the customer is still in-store.

Healthcare & Clinics

The Beacon in conjunction with a specific App could help improve the visitor’s experience, simplify finding their way around and inform about important information linked to the location.

Beacon M2

The M2 beacon is a short-range and portable beacon tag with a 50 m range in the open space. The device belongs to ultra-low-power ARM® chipset NORDIC® nRF52 series. It is a round shape device with a 26 mm diameter and its maximum thickness is 7.10 mm.


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